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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  February 12, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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a promising punt returner for the redskins at the beginning of his career. brandon banks is recovering from stab wounds, as police try to unravel the story of what led to a violent argument outside a d.c. nightclub. good saturday, everyone. i'm greg melvin. the park nightclub is back open right now, one night after a double stabbing outside its doors, sending brandon banks to the hospital and seriously injured his friend. according to the associated press tonight, banks was stabbed in the side and remains in the hospital tonight.
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dorsey spencer is live on 14th street northwest with this story tonight. dorsey? >> reporter: according to the police report, the incident started just after 3:00 this morning outside of this nightclub. it started with a verbal altercation outside the club. that led with the double standing that landed a redskins player in the hospital. and his friend tonight in critical condition. redskins rookie brandon banks was stabbed once in the upper body during an altercation outside the park at 14th nightclub in northwest d.c. early saturday morning. his friend, chris nixon, was stabbed multiple times and admitted to the hospital in critical condition. >> they evaluated and transported him to what we would call priority one victims. serious and life-threatening. one injury was more serious than the other. nonetheless, we had two injuries that were fairly serious. >> reporter: police have charged shorter with assault with intent
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to kill. they say nixon said something to shorter, touching off a verbal altercation that escalated. shorter, they say, pulled out a knife and stabbed both of them out on the sidewalk. you don't know what started this fight? >> no, we know it started with an exchange of words, and a verbal altercation. and that is still under investigation. exactly what was being said. >> reporter: police say the victims had not been inside the park. but they say club security took the knife away from shorter and held him until officers arrived. the incident was caught on club surveillance cameras. >> it was an excellent job. may have saved the victim's life. >> reporter: the park reopened, business as usual saturday night. the club owner declined requests for an interview and to see the video of the crime. the patrons were surprised to hear about a violent crime happening just steps from this popular club. >> i come here every so often. it's crazy to think about that right here. something that ridiculous could
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happen. >> reporter: according to the associated press, banks is expected to be released from the hospital at some point tomorrow. at last check, that suspect was being held without bond. reporting live from northwest, darcy spencer, news 4. >> thanks for that report. joining me to talk about brandon banks, the player, this guy, rookie out of kansas state. this is one of the few bright spots of the redskins on the field this season. >> he was simply a playmaker for this team this year. kick returns, punt returns, a guy you could rely on. brandon banks is a fan favorite both on and off the field. often communicating with followers on twitter. but as of tonight, his account does not exist. on the field, the 23-year-old banks had an impressive rookie season after going undrafted out of caps as state. the 5'7", ranked third in punt returns, tenth in kick returns. banks also set a franchise record with the redskins for
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most combined return yardage in a single game with 271 yards. that was against the detroit lions. here now is a statement from banks' agent, james gould, and it says in part, quote, early this morning brandon banks was injured outside of a nightclub in washington, d.c. while coming to the aid of a life-long friend who was attacked by an assailant who was wielding a knife. brandon was injured with a surface knife wound on his side which will require stitches. brandon was not involved in any wrongdoing. and was not implicated in any way. also through his agent tonight, brandon banks, thanking everyone for their prayers and well wishes for him and his longtime friend. we can only say keep your prayers with both those families. >> thanks, buddy. appreciate that. more off-season trouble for the redskins today. albert hainesworth was officially charged today in connection with a case of road rage in fairfax county. the 29-year-old defensive tackle turned himself in to police this
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morning. he was formally charged with misdemeanor assault. if convicted, hainesworth faces a $2,500 fine and up to a year in jail. his first court appearance is set for march 31st. a statewide manhunt on in virginia right now. for a man police say is connected to a shooting that left three family members dead. that shooting took place inside a home in madison county, virginia, around 9:30 this morning. police are looking for 23-year-old driving a 2004 chevy pickup truck. friends and families gathered outside the rural home where the victims were found shot to death. >> it's a terrible tragedy. the husband and wife and one of the children has left us. and we don't have all of the pieces to the puzzle. >> the names and ages of the three shooting victims have not
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yet been released. egyptians in cairo continue to celebrate after the resignation of president hosni mubarak. thousands of protesters remain in tahrir square waving egyptian flags and singing songs. the former leader transferred power to the military which promised to eventually pass power to an elected civilian government. meanwhile, hundreds gathered to celebrate right here in the district today. people outside the egyptian embassy also sang, waved flags and held signs. now that the crowds are dispersing in egypt, officials say there are at least eight artifacts missing from the museum in tahrir square. two weeks ago, at least one thief climbed on the roof and slipped in through an open window. the burglar was in the museum for at least an hour. egyptian soldiers arrested the thief in front of an ironic statue, the goddess who protects the pharaohs. that statue stands near one of the world's most valuable artifacts. >> they opened the showcase in
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front of the gold room that contained the beautiful golden mask. it was seized. because the golden mask is priceless. >> egypt's minister of antiquity said restoration is under way on 70 objects moved or damaged during the robbery. hundreds of protesters banged pots and pans in roman, milan, today. demanding italian prime minister berlusconi step down. berlusconi is at the center of a sex scandal. prosecutors say he paid to have sex with a dancer who was 17 years old at the time. berlusconi and the woman deny those allegations. meanwhile, more protests are planned for tomorrow. a decision on whether berlusconi will be indicted is expected in the next week or two. here in washington today, a group of republicans chose ron paul as the candidate they would like to see on the 2012 presidential ballot. the conservative public action
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conference took a straw poll today. ron paul got 30% of that vote. mitt romney brought in 23%. ron paul also won last year. a fire engulfed an amtrak train in d.c. we'll have that story in just a moment. also, new moms gathered at the smithsonian museum to stand up for a fellow mother who was told she could not breast-feed in public. plus, no pants, no problem. a brisk wind did not stop these scantily clad joggers. the winds of change, bringing in a little warmer air, cooler air, and you know what that means, up and down on the temperatures the next couple days. and a check of the work and school week forecast. school week forecast. and the r
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firefighters battle the fire inside an amtrak train in northeast washington tonight. it started inside a train, in an amtrak maintenance yard before 6:30. hazmat crews rushed to the scene because it involved a fuel tank. trains had to travel at slower speed tonight because of that fire. fortunately no one was hurt. firefighters came to a neighborhood after back-to-back fires left one person dead and several others injured. a woman died after a fire that broke out early friday morning on first street. early this morning, several people were injured after another blaze broke out just around the corner. today, firefighters visited the surrounding neighborhood to check and distribute smoke detectors.
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investigators say the two fires do not appear to be connected. they are still trying to figure out a cause. 100 mothers went to the museum today to send a strong message supporting breast-feeding in public. today's nurse-in, as it was dubbed, came about because recently a mother from rockville was told to leave the museum when she tried to breast-feed her 11-month-old daughter. guards told her she could only nurse in the bathroom. but federal and d.c. laws say otherwise. essentially allowing the woman to nurse wherever she wants. the smithsonian admits it was wrong for the guards to ask her to stop breast-feeding and say their staff has been since retrained. crimes of passion, still ahead. some couples get an early start on valentine's day celebrations. why they're handcuffed there. chuck bell has good news for all of us. a forecast that we think you'll like, right after this. [ female announcer ] why is travel these days
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hundreds of nearly nude joggers descended on capitol hill this morning. there they are. they were taking part in the second annual undie run. the charitable cherubs as they call themselves took one mile lap around the capitol. the event wants to raise $50,000. if you want to look for the alternatives to the valentine's day dinner, head down to the museum of crime and punishment. for $30 you and your significant other can get handcuffed. doesn't stop there, though.
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for a tour of the museum crime and passion exhibit. throughout the museum, you'll find signs highlighting the crimes deemed romantic. that includes crimes between couples, including some that actually happened on valentine's day. museum officials say that they wanted to reach out to those darker romantics. >> we already know a lot of men aren't into the holiday, so we just thought this kind of gives a creative twist to valentine's day, and something that everyone can enjoy. >> the crimes of passion exhibit runs through closing on valentine's day. >> that looks like fun. >> well, i suppose. what's the word? i hear we might be getting warmer weather in the next few days? >> it will continue to be windy. so the kite you got for christmas, you've got tomorrow, monday, still to get it out there. it's going to be a real roller coaster on temperatures. a warming trend first, then a reality check coming our way for tuesday. but wait until you see the day six and day seven on the
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seven-day forecast. you're going to like it. considering how cold it's been around here. outside on your saturday night, here in the nation's capital, a nice clear sky overhead. beautiful night out there. temperatures are dropping fast. we're already back down below the freezing mark here in upper northwest. officially today our high temperature made it up to 47 degrees, after a 23-degree start this morning. right now, at national airport, we're down to 35. northwesterly breeze at only 7 miles per hour. substantially lower than it was for much of the day where winds were gusting between 20 and 30 miles an hour for much of the day. we will not be that cold tomorrow morning. i think we're going to bottom out in the upper 20s to around 30 degrees around town. 37 in annapolis right now. already down to 26 down in southern maryland. 31 fredericksburg. 35 winchester. windchills aren't too extreme. as you get your day started early tomorrow morning, without the wind blowing it won't be too fierce of a cold start. no arctic air anywhere around the united states. that's a nice change. temperatures are continuing to
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warm up a little bit here in the southern plains, and that's the warm air dome that's building and eventually will find its way here to the mid-atlantic along wednesday, thursday time frame. we don't have long to wait. the cold air is lifting up to the north. eventually that big area of high pressure will put the warm air from the middle of the country right here where we want it the most. over the next 24 hours, high pressure center across the south. retreating just briefly as a little clipper zips across the great lakes. that will drop a cold front through here during the course of the day on monday. a big range of temperatures on your monday. only near 40 degrees for highs up near the maryland line. places down south in the 60s as early as monday. most of us are going to have to wait until later on in the week to get that warm. so your startoff time on your sunday morning, partly cloudy. wakeup temperatures 25 to 32. for tomorrow, a mix of clouds and sunshine. still on the windy side, after the sun comes up, it starts mixing the wind down. highs tomorrow upper 40s, low 50s.
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five to six degrees warmer than average. warmer on monday. but it won't be quite as nice at 54 as it could be. 46 is average for this time of the year. back to the 50s on wednesday. there's the sweet spot, thursday, friday, even saturday we could conceivably get into the 60s one more time. there's at least two days there that look very nice. >> all right. thanks, buddy. coming up in sports, the george mason patriots keep padding that tournament resume. and it was a rough day at the verizon center for both the wizards and the capitals. of sammy's fish box.
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what's the story here on the cavs? are they in trouble? >> i wouldn't say they're in legitimate trouble yet. but this road trip coming up will be a defining road trip for this team. 26 games left in the regular season before play-off time. so you know what that means. that means it's crunch time for the cap tas. on monday they start a five-game road trip in phoenix. before leaving today, the caps held a players-only meeting, a time to talk about accountability. against the los angeles kings this afternoon, the caps gave up four unanswered goals, losing their sixth in a row to a western conference opponent. ouch is right when alex ovechkin, one minute into the game, gets the puck down along the boards here, drives. this is just vintage ove. 21st of the season. capitals on top 1-0. here we go. let's go. but no, third period, tied at 1. matt green ahead to kyle clifford. another rebound.
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andre, and let's see it again. kings take a 2-1 lead. later, now 3-1 kings. on the attack, again, this is a defensive breakdown. nobody getting back. jarrett shoots and scores. the kings defeat the capitals. >> unacceptable, i think. we're in a 1-1 hockey game there. just kind of just gave up way too many opportunities and let them take advantage of us. >> it never happens where you just flip a switch and it goes. it comes from beginning of the game to the end of the game of working your rear end off. so if they're waiting for some switch to magically appear, it's not going to happen. hopefully this is as low as we get. i mean, we had one low point this year. but i even think right now, i mean, this was something we were
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counting on as a coaching staff at least to come in and win this game as a springboard for a tough road trip. >> capitals have lost five of their last seven games. nba now, the san antonio spurs made the wizards look like a junior varsity middle school team tonight. they don't usually even exist. consider this, the spurs scored a total of 71 points on friday. tonight they scored 72 points in the first half. ugly. coach flip saunders will have to go back to the drawing board after this. andre blach tried to pass. tony parker gets the steal. and takes it all the way in for the layup. >> sloppy pass. >> yeah. 45 seconds later, blach with the ball again. this time he loses his dribble. parker's there for the steal. and the layup. >> that's sloppy dribbling. >> 18 points in 18 minutes for parker. wizards down 24 in the second quarter. george hill keeps it, wall ends up in the front row. hill drives past everyone and
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puts it in. take a look at what happened to wall here. falls into the gentleman in the front row. spills his beer. a good story for that guy. but not for the wizards. they lose 118-94, dropping their 11th straight to the spurs. college hoops now. it's chick-fil-a for all. that's if you went to the george mason-james madison game today. you see all in attendance get a free sandwich. george mason fans are hoping to sink their teeth into something else that's just as tasty, a spot in the ncaa tournament. you know, i know these guys love chick-fil-a, i do, why not. james madison with the ball. dishes it to denzel bull for the dunk. dukes take a ten-point lead. later in the half, though, patriots down one. here they come. andre playing tough defense. gets the steal. check this out. throws it up. and it goes. nifty. george mason leads at the break. second half, off to duke's smith. grabs the rebound. dukes forget to guard him.
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drives the length of the court. thank you very much. he finished with 13 points. later, misses, but mike morrison in on a cleanup. a talented young man. 82-68, matching the school record with their 11th straight win. patriots improve to 21-5 overall. 13-2 in the conference. that's good for first in the caa. in massachusetts, gary williams and the terps taking on boston college. first half, maryland with the ball. terrell to -- stolen by reggie jackson. he throws it down. takes a 21-14 lead. back come the terps. howard gives it to mosley. back to howard. wide-open look at the bucket. terps up 3 at the break. second half. inside to gregory. big-time dunk. cuts the deficit to four. with 4:30 to play. all right. now minutes ago, still a
11:27 pm
four-point game. reggie jackson gets an open look and knocks it down. finishes with a career high 31 points. boston college defeats maryland. the terps fall to 16-9 overall, 5-5 in the acc. they got a lot of work ahead of them. they have six games left in the regular season. so if they want to receive an at-large bid, they need to win pretty much all of them. >> they're on the outside of the bubble looking in. >> yep. that's it. that's all we have for you right now. an all new "saturday night live" is up next. ♪
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